Dr Tamara Genosar: Some "tips" for Global recruiting

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 Write a detailed Job Description:  In addition to the job title,  responsibilities,  and requirements that must be a part of every job description, make sure that you add as much additional and relevant information as possible.  For example: Is the workplace at the company's office or is it home-office based?  Contractor or permanent employment? What is the reporting line? Does the company have support and/or other personnel in the area?  Detailed job descriptions help to target and make the process more efficient. Even though candidates will usually have questions regarding the role during the process, full job specs  eliminate "mismatching"  from the start.

      Sell your Company ! Once you start recruiting abroad, the recruitment process is often the " face"  of your company.  Even if they were not recruited for the role, candidates will remember the experience.  If it was positive, they  will be willing to refer others to your company.  Remember that the decision to recruit a candidate is not only up to you, but also up to the candidate to decide. Be sure to add a paragraph in the job description about your company with some of the major selling points and its competitive advantage.  Give your recruiter the powerful selling points as well so that they can promote the company and the position to the candidates when they approach them.    When you have your first conversation with the candidate, remember that while you are interviewing them, they are also forming an opinion.  The decision whether the candidates wants to take up the position or not, often depends on how well you can sell the opportunity.

       Plan your Budget carefully – and according to the local market.   Make sure that the information you have is current and updated.  If your company does not have a legal entity in the market, find out about local taxation and social benefits and hiring practices. Be flexible on salary structures. Companies differ in their compensation and bonuses to their employees. Huawei, the largest Chinese telecom company for example, gives their employees a yearly bonus that ranges from 0-3 month's salary every year, even for engineers.   Other companies work on a 13 month salary.  For some companies, the Sales Manager's  base salary is low and the upside is very high. ( In Israel, most salespeople work on a 50/50 split (salary + compensation/commission).)  In some overseas markets,  salespeople will work on a very low base and a high upside.  In other companies, such as Alcatel and Nokia, the split is 70/30 – so these people will only agree to a lower base if you give them a very big upside for goal achievements.

      Take a "second look" at the CV. .Sometimes it is best to take a second look at the cv before rejecting a candidate. Since the candidate is overseas and comes from a different cultural background, his/her  CV is your only way to know the candidate and conduct a first screening.   Sometimes you might overlook a good candidate because they seem  not   to "fit" the generally acceptable profile.   In emerging countries, for example,  it is normal for candidates to change their workplaces quite often.   If they did not have frequent job changes, it is believed that the candidate is afraid of change.  On the other hand, in Korea and Japan it is hard to convince people to change jobs because of the culture of total dedication and commitment  to the workplace. In some companies, a business development manager is  someone who opened the market from "zero" and actually completed the first sales.  This is prevalent for example in APAC, where business development people are often the best salespeople.

                             And most important –Be humble and respect your candidates. Your company will often be remembered by its hiring process and practices…

 Dr Tamara Genosar , Managing Director of Tamara Genosar Associates- over ten

years experience in global recruitment


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